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Dear Friends And Visitors :

This blog is a cooperative photo and written  journal of the Chinese {mis} adventures of the Deranged Duo of D.D. { Deep Digital } or Dee Dee , if you prefer , Lumix and her ” owner ” Spaced Teacher A.K.A. Bea Widered. D.D. is responsible for the photographic creative efforts and Spaced Teacher for the written.

We hope you will enjoy your cyber tour of China.



Bea { Sorry I was Spacing }


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Dear American Citizens :

My name is D.D. { Deep Digital } , or Dee Dee if you prefer, Lumix. I am a Panasonic DMC FZ 28 digital camera. I have been sent on an undercover photographic intelligence gathering mission to The People’s Republic Of China by The Company. My cover is that I belong to an American English teacher at a Chinese university who is here for employment fun and adventure. She has no idea of MY true mission. While I do realize that this teacher is boring as Hell and dumb as dirt unfortunately I must let her speak from time to time since if she were to realize that I was in charge and not her it could jeopardize my whole mission. I’m telling you between having to constantly avoid the HaNazees always lurking about and tap dancing around my ” owners “

stupidity The Company sure likes to make things difficult.

In any case stay tuned for a look at China as you’ve never seen her before.



P.S. :

I almost forgot to tell you that my ” owner’s ” name is Spaced Teacher. More on Spaced Teacher below.

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Dear Friends :
When I was a young pup of 45 I was a normal well adjusted American man just biding time waiting for my midlife crisis.I had blonde hair , crystal blue eyes, a keen mind and was in perfect health. Wondering how I would embrace and celebrate this wondrous stage of life was consuming a significant amount of my time. Sitting in the library one day killing time by considering my options in this pursuit a Christian magazine cover happened to catch my eye. I picked it up and read the cover article. Trust me when I tell you that it’s very unusual for me to be reading a Christian magazine. It was an interesting article. God must have been sympathetic to my plight. Another article volunteered herself to me then another and another. All this reading must have sparked something in my brain. Karma slapped me upside the head and apparently knocked the solution to my problem loose. A new career was the answer to my dIlema. On to the Christian employment ads I sauntered. I had no idea what Christian employment was but having plenty of time to kill and the germ of an idea sprouting I figured what the Hell maybe I’d get lucky. The ad to come teach English in China jumped out at me like a bolt from the Heavens. My problem of how to enjoy my impending fourth childhood was solved. Being an American with an acute sense of adventure I thought this would be as good a place and situation as any to have a Golden Years Adventure. I applied to teach at a Chinese University. Not seriously expecting a reply , business as usual was the order of the day.Much to my amazement the acceptance e-mail came three days later. Two weeks later my second career , fourth childhood and Chinese adventures began. I’ve been living in The Middle Cosmos ever since.

Spaced Teacher

" My Life Is A HUGE Question Mark " S.T. A.K.A. Bea Wildered

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